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Licensed Mold Inspection Company in DeLand, FL

AdvantaClean is a licensed mold inspection and testing company serving residential and commercial customers in DeLand and nearby communities including Daytona Beach, Deltona, Orange City and Lake Helen. We provide a full range of mold remediation services including mold removal, water damage restoration and air duct cleaning.

What is mold?

Mold is a common fungus that naturally occurs in the environment. It is generally harmless outdoors, but when mold grows inside a home or business, it can become toxic causing serious allergic reactions and respiratory issues in some individuals. Since mold grows in damp humid conditions, water damage that is not repaired in a timely manner like in the ceiling, baseboards and flooring could create conditions that are ripe for mold growth.

While mold needs water to grow, it doesn’t need water to survive. And without mold removal the spores can quickly multiply spreading throughout a home or commercial building even on dry surfaces. The tiny microscopic spores can get into the air ducts where they can quickly spread throughout an entire building.

Mold Inspection

Sometimes you might spot mold inside your home or office. But it often grows in humid areas like under sinks or flooring where it can remain hidden from view until you smell a musty odor or experience an allergic reaction like itchy or watery eyes, skin rash, running nose or wheezing, for instance, when you are near the source. If you find or suspect mold in your home or office contact a licensed mold inspection company serving DeLand and nearby communities including Daytona Beach, Deltona, Orange City and Lake Helen for mold removal and to determine if it has spread to other parts of the home or business.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation including cleaning, repairing or removing water damage on surfaces that should be done right away. Never touch or inhale mold surfaces. Also, painting over mold surfaces will not kill the mold or prevent it from spreading. If the contaminated surface cannot be effectively cleaned, it must be removed. Air duct cleaning is necessary when mold spores are detected in the ventilation system.

The best way to help prevent indoor mold is to maintain low humidity levels, reduce condensation on cold surfaces and repair water leaks as soon as soon as possible.

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