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Water Damage Restoration & Moisture Removal Volusia County

Do you have Water Damage from a leak, flood, or hurricane? Let the experts at AdvantaClean ESC restore your home or business back to normal! Residential and Commercial Water Damage Restoration available in DeLand, Orange City, Lake Helen, Deltona, DeBary, Daytona Beach, and surrounding areas.

In an indoor environment, the most long-term destructive substance your home or building can face is water. If left untreated water can weaken or break up building materials, damage floors and ceilings, and can cause mold problems. That is why it is important to contact a professional and fix any water damage your home or building may have sustained immediately before it has the chance to do more extensive damage.

Residential Water Damage

Your home can suffer water damage on a nice sunny day, it doesn’t only happen after days of heavy downpours. Flood damage can occur from a broken pipe, a faulty appliance, an overloaded washing machine, sewage line back up, or simply rainwater. Whatever the cause, a house flood can be devastating and the cost to fix water damage can be very expensive.

A residential flood occurs when excess water begins to pool in areas where it shouldn’t. Regardless of how many precautionary measures you take to protect against water damage, there’s no way to guarantee that a flood won’t occur in your home. That’s why AdvantaClean is available 24 hours a day to handle floods, fix water damage, perform sewage removal and provide emergency response and structural drying when a leak, water damage or flood occurs in your home. Our professionals will not only manage the recovery process, they will also take steps to stop further water damage from occurring.

For more information about our Residential Water Damage services in DeLand, Daytona Beach, DeBary, Deltona, Orange City, Palm Coast or any other surrounding areas please call us today at 386-748-8995!

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage from burst pipes, flooding, hurricanes and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on your building and your business. Commercial water damage has been known to shut down hotels, hospitals, universities and office buildings, bringing operations to a complete halt.

AdvantaClean’s firsthand experience in dealing with Commercial Water Damage is nearly unrivaled. From water extraction to dehumidification, AdvantaClean has been instrumental in recovery efforts for many of individual commercial damage losses, as well as major recovery efforts from hurricanes, flooding, and other natural disasters. AdvantaClean’s 24 hour availability, our experience with water damage restoration and our professional capabilities will provide your building with operational continuity in the most efficient and cost effective manner, reducing business interruption. For more information please call us at 386-748-8995!

Moisture Removal

Standing Water or Pooling Water is not the only kind of Water Damage your home or business’s building can incur. Unwanted moisture can also cause problems.  Moisture can lead to hazardous mold growth which can endanger the health of your employees, occupants and loved ones. That is why it is important to call a trained professional to handle the Moisture Removal before it becomes an issue.

Where are Moisture issues found?

Moisture issues and Mold problems go hand in hand and because they typical occur in places in your home that are not common flow areas it is possible for these issues to go undetected for a long time. To eliminate moisture, the source must be identified and addressed if you want to have a long term solution.

The most common areas where moisture issues can be found are in attics, basements and crawl spaces.

Attics – The reason moisture issues are found in attics usually relates to poor insulation and poor ventilation.  Without both proper insulation and proper ventilation the moisture from you home will slowly migrate into the attic and create the conditions where mold can grow.

Basements – Basements can have several issues with moisture. It can be due to a lack of installation on the walls, wet or saturated soil near the basement walls from improper disposal of roof water runoff or inadequate slope away from the house for drainage that eventually causes seepage through the walls.

Crawl Spaces – Crawl spaces usually have an exposed dirt floor and the evaporation of moisture from the earth is usually the cause for high humidity in your home. Lack of proper ventilation and lack of barriers to prevent moisture to accumulate provides the perfect environment for mold growth.

Whatever is the cause of your moisture issue, AdvantaCleans's moisture specialists have the knowledge and skills needed to properly diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action for eliminating it. Contact us today at 386-748-8995 to schedule an appointment!